Feeling Empowered?


I have the hardest time finding a foundation that I love. I think I’ve gone through roughly 4 foundations since December, which is a lot in my opinion. During my last trip to Ulta, I was discussing my dry skin foundation issues with an associate. I have terribly dry skin and struggle to find a foundation that will not only cover my redness but not cling to my dry patches and flake off throughout the day. After listening to me rant and rave about my skin and foundation issues, she pointed me to the Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation. I was a little apprehensive as I’ve tried the Amazonian Clay foundation and looked less like a nourished Amazonian rainforest and more like a dried up desert. But she assured me this foundation was made for people like me who have disgustingly dry skin and dry patches no matter how much they may moisturize and exfoliate. So, I caved and shelled out the $39 dollars for this foundation that I had little to no hope for because I was already discourage from the last 4 foundations. What did I have to lose at this point?! Once I got home, I jumped on my computer and went straight to the Tarte website and did a little research. Tarte claims;

“Smooth skin is in with this radiant, full coverage foundation with skin-loving ingredients wrapped in a luxurious, creamy gel. The unique, oil-free blend of smoothing, plumping and pore refining ingredients help brighten skin while moisturizing and blurring the look of fine lines and pores. The cooling, hypoallergenic gel feels like a drink of water for your skin, while masking any redness, dark spots, acne and uneven skin tone for 12-hour wear across skin types. It’s available in a range of shades to match any skin tone with a soft, rose scent and natural, radiant finish.”

After reading that lovely description, I was extremely excited. It seemed to have all the things I was looking for. My skin is honestly a mess, more so now at 25 than when I was a teenager with raging hormones.


(Bare face)

I have basically every problem they describe in the description so this seemed like a match made in heaven. Not only did it sound like a cure all for my lizard skin, but the packaging is GORGEOUS. There is 30ml/1 floz of product in this stunning frosted glass pot. The lid is gold with Tarte’s signature purple chevrons on the side, and man does it feel expensive. I applied the foundation to half of my face and noticed right away it covered the redness and dark spots without being too heavy.


I used a complexion brush in circular motions like they suggest but felt it looked streaky so ended up kind of dabbing it on instead. I let it set a bit to see if it was clinging to any of my dryer spots, especially in my t zone and around my nose. It held up pretty well in those spots, so I applied it to the rest of my face. It definitely covers up redness and evens the skin tone but I really don’t think it’s full coverage. My freckles and tiny acne spots are a bit noticeable, so I went in with a second layer.


It layers very nicely without being cakey and heavy and covers much more with two layers. I did notice a downside within 20 minutes of application… it does not set. I do not mind a dewy finish, in fact I think it’s lovely but this foundation moves on the skin if not set with a powder. So, I set it with a powder and applied the rest of my makeup. The fact that it doesn’t dry down makes everything extremely difficult to blend. I had a pretty difficult time blending out my contour as it feels like the brush is just tugging on the skin and shifting the foundation around. I managed to apply a full face and figured I’d test out the “12 hour” wear.


(Full face)

Just as you can imagine, you do not get 12 hours. I got probably 5-6 hours of wear out of it before it started to separate on my skin, I’ll admit that I did like how it looked for those 6 hours. Bottom line, would I recommend this? No. As it smells lovely and looks expensive, there is not an extensive shade range, it is not long lasting even with a setting spray, it doesn’t set so gets on your clothes and can be wiped off if you itch your face. It didn’t cling to my dry spots and it did cover most of my redness but those pros do not out weigh the cons. I will probably return it and just ask if they can give me a new face. So on to the next foundation. If anyone has any suggestions to great foundations, I’d love to hear it!


Spring Fashion 2017



With spring upon us, I decided to freshen up my wardrobe. It’s still pretty chilly here in Indiana so I haven’t had too many opportunities to wear what I purchased so I figured I’d model the looks for you all! I got a few versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched with other new pieces as well as the stuff I already have in my closet.


The first outfit is a black top, floral maroon kimono, black pleated skirt, and black tights. I feel like this outfit is effortless, comfortable, and somewhat dressy. You could wear it with flats to the store or heels for a night out!


Second outfit is a pastel pink crop top with a cute little bowl of ramen printed on it, a pair of high waisted distressed black jeans, and black boots. This is one of my favorite outfits because it’s comfortable and pairs perfectly with my favorite hairstyle. The 90’s space buns are underrated, in my opinion!


The third outfit is so adorable and a throw back to my high school days. I paired a yellow Sublime bodysuit with a corduroy jumper, pink ankle socks with tacos on them, and tan ankle boots! I’m obsessed with cute socks so this is a perfect chance to show them off!


These are just three of my favorite outfits that I scooped up from Forever 21. They can all be mixed and matched and paired together. I love pieces that are versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything in my closet! Now, if only this Indiana weather to cooperate so I could put away my winter clothes!!