Androgyny is here!


Sorry for the delay! I’ve spent the last week or so recovering from my wisdom teeth removal, it’s been a pain in the neck (literally). I am so excited to review this highly anticipated palette, I ordered it the moment it dropped and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I had my husband texting me the count down so I didn’t miss my chance to buy it, I’m sure he was thrilled to be my alarm clock. We are going to dive into the sequel to Jeffree Star’s “Beauty Killer” palette, the “Androgyny” palette. I never purchased the Beauty Killer palette as I couldn’t see myself using the hot pink and other bold colors often. I try to buy makeup that I’ll use frequently so when I heard he was coming out with his version of a “neutral” palette, I was ecstatic. I ordered it on the Saturday it was released and received it the following Friday. I was really pleased with how fast it shipped considering the website was flooded with orders. I was basically staring out the window like the neighborhood weirdo waiting for the package to arrive. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was spying on them as they walked by lol. It arrived in Jeffree’s typically hot pink box wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery. I was so scared it was going to be shattered upon arrival because of how delicate makeup is, thankfully it was perfect because I don’t think I could have dealt with that heartbreak 💔. The palette itself is hot pink with “Androgyny” in gold lettering, as well as his signature JS star logo. The outside of the palette resembles lizard or snake skin and looks very luxurious and high fashion. I’ve never seen a hot pink lizard so I can only assume it is vegan and not made from real lizard ;).


Inside is an array of colors, most of which you probably wouldn’t consider neutrals. There are two very buttery glitter shades, two slightly shimmery shades, and six matte shades. They range from a warm taupe, to a deep red, and to two rich blue tones as well as an orange and military green. The pans are massive, probably the biggest eyeshadow pans I’ve ever come across but large quantities seem to be a constant in his makeup. The colors themselves are extremely pigmented and soft to the touch. Before I used it on my face, I took the time to swatch it on my ghostly pale arm and was blown away, one swipe with my finger and that was all it took to get true to pan color.


I was so tempted to just use every color on my eyes because it was so hard to choose just a few. Now, that would have been a site worth seeing. All of these colors are extremely blendable and work really well together, I never imagined I’d pair blue with orange but I did and absolutely loved it! Each shade name is unique and intriguing, I was immediately drawn to “deja vu,” which is a very glittery burnt orange as I have never seen an eyeshadow this color before. This is hands down one of the most beautiful palettes I own, inside and out. The packaging is flawless and the shadows themselves are so stunning and pigmented that I haven’t been using an eyeshadow primer.


I find myself extremely excited to apply my makeup just so I can find new combinations to make with this palette. I actually used the gold glitter shade “frosting” as a highlighter today and was glowing to the high heavens. This palette gets two huge thumbs up and I encourage everyone to pick it up. For the amount of product you get and pigmentation, I’d say $45 is a fair price. This palette is a fun way to step out of the comfort zone of your typical browns and dive into a new wave of neutrals!


4 thoughts on “Androgyny is here!

  1. I liked this palette. I usually use brown shades. With this palette I can diversify your make-up and at the same time is not much to change my style. Thank you for the novelty!


    1. You’re very welcome! This is my second favorite palette next to my Modern Renaissance. I didn’t think I’d be able to use all the colors but I’m actually in love with the blues!


  2. I’d never heard of this brand before, great review! The palette and highlighter look great! Girl Meets Pearl has been a longtime favorite of mine.


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