And away we glow!


I’ve been a Jeffree Star fan since the ol MySpace days. His bright pink hair and flamboyant demeanor made him immediately relatable, so when I heard he had a cosmetic line I was infatuated from the start. Sometime in mid December my husband used his best judgement and bought a few products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics to give to me as a gift. He ordered, much to my surprise, Jeffree Star’s highlighter (or what Jeffree calls, Skin Frost.) We were on our way to my cousins wedding when he reached behind the passenger seat and plopped that hot pink box on my lap. If I recall correctly, I squealed with joy.


Highlighter is my go to product, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if I’m a doing a full on dramatic look or just a simple foundation and mascara day, I wear highlighter. I was extremely excited to try this product out, as I was ready to shine bright like a diamond. My first impression upon opening the box was
“Where have you been all my life?!”
He takes the utmost care in packaging his makeup and really shows he cares about the little details, like the paper and boxes they are wrapped in. Since it was the holiday season, it came wrapped in red and white tissue paper with his signature star logo on it. After gently ripping the paper off (because I’m a hoarder and wanted to keep it for all eternity) I found myself completely in awe at the compact. It’s the prettiest hot pink with a baby pink metallic JS star on the front. The amount of product you get for the price is honestly a steal. You get about a half an ounce of product in a massively beautiful compact. I couldn’t wait to open it to see the shade. My husband ended up picking “ice cold” which is a white base with gold and blue shimmer in it. I’m extremely pale so this shade suits me perfectly but I’m sure it would look great on anyone.


The formula itself is very unique as most highlighters I’ve found can be dry and chalky. This highlighter has a formula all it’s own. It is soft and luxurious. You can tell he took ample time perfecting his formula as it is flawless. I use my favorite Luxie tapered highlight brush to apply it and it works like a dream. According to the description on his website, it can be used wet or dry for a more pigmented look but honestly even dry it is BRIGHT.


You could literally be seen by a NASA satellite in this stuff. I use it for more than just highlighting my cheek bones, basically I paint myself with it.I highlight my collar bone, use it to highlight my brow bone, on my Cupid’s bow, on the inner corner of my eye, and sometimes even as eyeshadow. It has so many uses and is safe for anywhere!


He has 12 shades in total ranging from a hot pink appropriately named “Regina George” to black which he calls “Onyx Ice.” No matter which shade you choose to call your own, you’ll be extremely happy and glow to the Gods. His formulas are one of a kind and for $29 you really can’t beat it.

What’s your favorite highlighter? ✨


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