1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war!

img_1245Today was an average day for me. We had some errands to run before my husband left for work so I thought I’d take you along for the ride.



700 am: I woke up with my one year old for cereal and coffee.. You can guess who had what (Mom was super sleepy today) soon followed by my four and five year old.


702 am: My two oldest kiddos are already fighting over what to watch.. *rolls eyes and puts on The Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s what I want to watch. Kids-0 Mom-1 😉


1030 am: My husband wakes up and joins us downstairs for breakfast. He usually sleeps in on the days he is to work nights! I force feed him scrambled eggs and plain oatmeal with flax. He likes to brodown at the gym and has a very strict diet. I’m a bad influence and like to describe cheeseburgers in great detail and torture him.


11 am: I start doing my makeup for the day and decided to keep it simple and dip into my Ulta Rose Gold palette. I like it a lot for days I’m feeling a basic neutral eye and want to keep it quick and easy. The colors range from pastel pinks to deep browns with matte and shimmer shades. It has a decent amount of pigment for the price point so two thumbs up.


1130 am: I finish my makeup, second cup of coffee, and get myself and the kids dressed. Its more like wrestling a gator than dressing a person as they fight me the entire time. We have a couple errands to run including driving 30 minutes to another town to pick up my dental referral. I have an appointment Monday morning to have my wisdom teeth removed so that’ll be a fun blog day.


1230 pm: We are FINALLY on our way. My youngest fell asleep within 3 minutes of driving. Car naps are his favorite thing in the world. He falls asleep every single time we leave the house even if it’s 10 minutes down the road. My daughter is obsessed with Sia right now so we all sing along to pass the time.


1 pm: I finally pick up my dental records from “Asspen” dental. I call them that because they tried to over charge me and claim my teeth were impacted when they ARE NOT! Well guess who found another more reasonable surgeon with better reviews.. 👍Notice the obnoxious silver fillings I got as a child. I know, I’m a fancy individual. Who knew cavities could be so glamorous.


2 pm: We arrive home to finally relax before my husband goes to work. I make everyone lunch and head straight for the coffee bar because, Momma needs another cup. The coffee bar my husband built me is my favorite part of our 100 year old home. I practically live at it, if you couldn’t tell, coffee is my lifeline.


3 pm: My husband and I go a few rounds, and by that I mean a few thumb wrestling rounds. We randomly thumb wrestle each other throughout the day. Usually he wins because I wear my thumb out moving it around like a crazy worm. Not to mention, his hands are like twice the size of mine but I occasionally taste sweet, sweet victory!


4-5 pm: We fall asleep on the couch after a long day of doing nothing. He likes to nap before work and I like to nap because naps RULE. I’m a mom so I’m always tired and thrive off my deep love of caffeine and 20 minute cat naps. My husband leaves for work and I make myself a peanut butter and jelly because I’m not feeling cooking today. The kids were ecstatic about the idea of pb&j’s for dinner.


6 pm: The kids eat their dinner and play with dinosaurs while I sit down and write this for you to enjoy. We live a basic Midwest life but our adventures are filled with laughs and smiles and LOTS of coffee. I hope you enjoy your night, or day depending on your time zone (I don’t want to leave anyone out ☺️)! Keep your eyes peeled for another review tomorrow!



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