Gloomy Day Adventure


 Living in northern Indiana means we have rather brutal winters. We spend November thru March huddled around the fireplace waiting for spring. Well, spring arrived a little earlier than expected and the Moore Clan decided to spend this unseasonably warm gloomy day outside. These kids needed to burn some pent up energy. My wonderful husband loaded up their mock Arctic Cat and away we went.


Luckily, the park we chose to explore was only a mere 3 minute drive. It’s basically a giant open field with hills. Perfect for them to drive aimlessly without risking the safety of others (truth be told, 5 year olds are not the best drivers). While I stood watch, my husband chased the car around making monster noises. I love that my husband is one of the kids. He’s not afraid to look silly and be goofy with them. Best dad ever…


Alright, enough of the sappy stuff. Anyway, this was my one year old son’s first time riding along with the big kids. He had watched from a distance last summer and was chomping at the bit to take a turn.


We spent about 30 minutes running around in the fog and gloom while the kids took turns chauffeuring each other around. My husband showed me some of his chest presses and apple bottom forming elliptical workouts on the oddly placed outside gym equipment.


Then the battery died in their car, much to their dismay, and we loaded 3 very angry kids back into the our truck and drove home for snacks, water, and naps (not the kids, my husband and I. We may be 25 and 30 but are old souls lol). Needless to say, we all had a blast and can’t wait for the next nice day. Hopefully that insufferable groundhog is wrong and spring arrives sooner rather than later!

What did you do today? ☺️


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