Oh Hey, Urban Decay


Today, it was a bit too cold to adventure outside so I decided to mess around with my Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I picked it up at Ulta for my birthday for around 55 bucks. Was it worth it? Well lemme tell yuh…I honestly use it a lot more than I thought. At first, I regretted purchasing it because it looks like a palette full of clown make up (I am deathly afraid of clowns. The Stephen King series,IT, scarred me as a child. Tim Curry and his sewer shenanigans…*shivers). The palette itself is really pretty. I’m like a moth the a flame when it comes to shiny things, so seeing the giant bedazzled UD on the front was a selling point. It’s made of a really sturdy plastic and feels expensive, which is a nice little nuance to have just to justify a higher price. Inside there are 21 bold colors covering, you guessed it, the full spectrum of a rainbow and then some.


It has a few different shades of the basic primary colors; purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, with a welcomed bonus of a shimmery black shade, white, and an ultra glittery silver shade. The shade names themselves are pretty interesting and suit each color, with a deep, shimmery blue being labeled as Minx, and a dusty rose going by the name of Alchemy being a few of my favorite names. As pretty as the palette is, it does have some draw backs. While the brush is pretty great and the giant mirror is perfect for applying makeup, the shadows themselves are lacking a bit. Some shades are very pigmented and others are very sheer. The shimmer shades themselves are buttery and soft to the touch, and in my opinion are more pigmented and insanely pretty. I have a hard time loving the matte shades though, as they are really chalky and take a lot of layers to have a true to pan color, translating to a harder blend. No one wants to sit there and blend the same shade for 15 minutes, at least not me, since I have three rambunctious kids who seem to swarm once I start my makeup.


I swatched a few shades on my arm to show the colors on my extremely pale winter skin, knowing that it would prove to be the perfect canvas to make the colors pop. I asked my darling husband to be my test subject but he wasn’t really about it, (Notice the look of “are you in your right state of mind?”) so I’ll just have to wait until he falls asleep 😈.


So, would I recommend this palette? Honestly, yes! It’s on sale right now for $33 and that’s a great deal for all of these colors. It’ll prove to be handy for the upcoming festival season or even if you’re wanting to branch out and try some bold colors you otherwise would never pay any mind to. While I was a little harsh on the matte colors, I think with a solid eyeshadow primer or a damp brush and a little experimenting, they certainly have potential. This isn’t my everyday palette, but the vibrant range of colors make it fun to play around with and it certainly is great to have in any makeup collection!


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