Hello, Anastasia!


I’m new to the “high end” makeup scene. Before 2016, I wore the basics. Cheap foundation, loads of eyeliner( I can’t seem to let my inner emo teenself die), mascara, and the occasional quick swipe of sheer shadow across my lid. It seems like over the last year, YouTube stars have started a makeup frenzy. Contouring, highlighting, baking, “fleeky” brows, and the zillions of other makeup trends that have taken hold of millenials, myself included. I decided to absorb as much beauty knowledge as I could and take the plunge into the deep, dark world of makeup. I bookmarked dozens of tutorials. I favorited the best eyeshadow palettes. I was ready to take on the makeup scene. When Christmas rolled around and my husband gifted me my first “luxury brand” eye shadow palette, I almost died and went to heaven. I had been eye balling the Anastasia of Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette for a month or two before the holidays.. My husband lucked out and picked it on a whim. I was a little intimidated when I first open that beautiful little mauve box. You could tell right off the bat, it wasn’t going to be like those little plastic drug store shadows. The palette itself is covered in what feels like velvet. My first thought?

“You fancy, huh?!”

I opened the palette itself to feast my eyes on the GLORIOUS colors inside. Each named after an early renaissance art term. Like I previously said, I only had cheap eyeshadow previously so I had no clue what pigmented actually was but as soon as I swiped my finger across the shadows and wiped it on the back of my hand, I knew it was going to be a good day. These shadows feel like butter. Better yet, the velvet that wraps the box. They are soft. It seems like most shadows are chalky. Not these. These are unlike anything I’ve used. The colors are not something I’m accustomed to using, and not something I would have thought would work together. They all can be paired in any which way you choose to create a custom look that is all your own. The colors range from burnt oranges, to golds, to reds and pinks! Some of the shades are matte and some have little flakes of glitter. There are also two beautiful pearlescent shimmer shades that are to die for. I would bathe in them and glow to the gods, if I could. I’ve used almost every color in the palette over the last few months. Mixing and matching hues to creat bold or understated looks to suit my mood. I was admiring it today and noticed I had left a shade untouched. I rallied a volunteer (which happened to be my beautiful 5 year old daughter who was standing close by) and did a quick two toned smoky eye using the neglected gold shade. Needless to say, she was thrilled that I shared my makeup (no, she does not leave the house with makeup on)and I was in awe at the fact I had left the shade untouched since December. I thought to myself,

“Don’t worry, Golden Ochre, nobody puts baby in the corner.”


I’m so thrilled this was my first “high end” palette. Honestly, it sets the bar incredibly high. It’s pigmented, the colors are stunning, they suit any skin tone, the brush inside is wonderful. I can’t think of a single complaint and I use it almost daily. I’m no beauty guru. I was a makeup “n00b” only a few months ago, so if I can use this with ease, anyone can. If you’re ready to come to the dark side and take the plunge, buy this palette. Even if you only wear makeup once a month, buy it. Pamper yourself. You deserve it ❤️


If you already have it, I’d love to hear some of your favorite combinations, or even your go to eyeshadow palettes!


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